• Per Security Token Round 1 face value of $1.00.
  • Total fixed security token supply of 100 million.
  • Each security token represents a TOKENIZED DIGITAL SECURITY with a direct royalty claim against a portion of Radiologex platform revenues, and proceeds from potential monetization of the business (e.g. sale or IPO).
  • Prospective access to secondary market not typically available with traditional startup investments.
  • Minimum investment of $5000 for US/$2500 for non-US (Worldwide).

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About Radiologex

Radiologex® is the world’s first Medical Interactive Network™ (MIN); an all-encompassing technological ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology, which empowers users with the necessary tools to conduct myriad tasks and activities essential to global healthcare industry professionals and participants alike, in a faster, more secure, easier to integrate and use solution. The first true all-in-one platform built for providers of healthcare, on one one platform and app, accessible from any device is not just imagined, it has been built, delivering you safer and smoother workflow, saving you time and operational costs.

Healthcare providers and systems have long sought one App/platform where the users can safely communicate by text or video, discusses business (patient referral, scheduling, clinical management and much more), transaction, and access secure curated content and apps all with KNOWN verified users (built in KYC).

Radiologex has now delivered that solution. Welcome to R-DEE®.

Available services include proprietary, state-of-the-art user and data authentication and verification, the only platform built for the healthcare industry with real-time authenticated USERS.

Vital ultra-secure communication and data transmission, access to a global and borderless commercial hub, instant payment settlements, unlimited data bandwidth, Medical Image and other data storage and transmission, are among other available services on the powerful 7 Modules of the R-DEE® (short for Radiologex and stands for Radiologex Digital Encryption Environment).

R-DEE® is a revolutionary software platform with a private, global decentralized network to benefit each healthcare industry affiliated individual - including healthcare providers, support staff, enterprise, public and private, small and large teams, business and Government- through its dedicated industry-first easy to use and integrate all-in-one SECURE communication and productivity suite.