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The most secure all-in-one platform connecting the global healthcare industry.

Connect, collaborate, and create on the R-DEE platform, available on the ONLY dedicated, private, and fail-safe Distributed Network built strictly for the global HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY.


SEC Compliant

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Secure healthcare connections on a global scale. One cohesive ecosystem. Welcome to the post-cloud world.

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The first real-time identity proof and verification based productivity suite available for the word's most vital sector.

Uncertain times call for Extraordinary Solutions.

A severe lack of options exist to connect the global healthcare industry, where legacy IT platforms and methods compromise potential. Outdated tools of communication, transacting, and operating are not only slow, costly and unreliable, they are also vulnerable to data loss and security breaches. And, most importantly, these systems are needlessly complex and time consuming.

The highly fragmented nature of the healthcare industry—and lack of true interoperability—highlights the need for a modern solution. A single IT platform and high-speed secure network to set the gold standard in facilitating connectivity and market efficiency for the healthcare industry.

Top 3 healthcare industry problems:

Data Privacy and Security
The industry faces both external and internal threats when communicating, storing, exchanging or revealing Protected Health Information (PHI) via unsecure channels, thereby subject to substantial liability during data breach.
Industry Fragmentation
Excessive and inefficient use of time and energy on counter-party verification / authentication, sourcing, price discovery, and for procurement. Healthcare providers also face serious challenges within inherent trust factors involving intermediaries.
Technological Redundancy
Excessive use of tech solutions causes reliance on redundant and incompatible technology that is prone to misuse, data loss, and serious non-interoperability issues (inability to integrate new technology solutions in IT without compromising cost and security).

Meet R-DEE.

The first and only IPFS based, fully dedicated distributed-decentralized network for direct in-app use or enterprise solutions for EHR networks, PACS, data storage, and content delivery.

Authentication and data is your freight,
R-DEE is your new super highway.

Forging the new backbone of connectivity for the entire global healthcare industry, with no limits. Military-grade security, ultra-fast speed, unlimited data storage, featuring an entire productivity suite built right in:

8 powerful productivity tools on one platform, available on any device. Seamlessly switch between modules, or use them together in real-time. A complete ecosystem for full healthcare industry productivity, among your peers, your private network, or instantly link with the entire globe. You are free to move at lightspeed.

Health IT. Simplified.

R-DEE Connect
End-to-end encrypted communication (text/voice/video conference) on any device. Built with full HIPPA compliance and military-grade security, exclusively for the healthcare industry.
R-DEE Marketplace
R-DEE Marketplace Commercial hub for purchase and sale of all healthcare products with authenticated buyers and sellers along with verified products and real-time status. Secure payment and transaction processing with escrow capabilities to facilitate rapid global commerce connectivity.
R-DEE Settle
Universal settlement tools with available push-button R-DEE Smart Contract templates to help instantly record and come to terms on a variety of business and legal transactions. Transact using USD-pegged R-DEE Credits Token. Borderless, frictionless, transaction settlements with drastically lower fees than legacy systems.
R-DEE Expert
Instant, on-demand, and 24/7 direct connections between verified end-users and qualified service providers worldwide. With built-in service ticket recording and payment processing via R-DEE Settle, global service and support for any issue and any modality is now just a click away.
R-DEE Scan
A fast yet potent PACS (medical imaging) platform with features including the strongest security available, such as permissioned access, unlimited file storage, advanced image analysis and reporting, and more, on a light, super easy to use and clutter-free system, for all medical imaging staff and radiologists across the globe.
R-DEE Vault
R-DEE Vault is a fast, secure, end-to-end encrypted storage solution designed to meet the data requirements of the healthcare industry. Built on a hybrid cloud-DLT stack, the module offers granular file control/permissions and unlimited storage capacities.
R-DEE Manager
Full array of customizable clinical workflow management capabilities, easily perform HIS/CIS/RIS related tasks from patient referral and onboarding to invoicing and patient release. Make organization and patient flow a cinch, only on R-DEE.
R-DEE Stream
Content creation and distribution platform to deliver healthcare-exclusive content by audio (podcasts), video (mini clips or full length movie format), or even third-party apps. An array of topics included educational, analytics reports, training material, medical documentation, and more, from P2P, OEM, in both paid content or free. Globally available for instant stream for private or universal access, the choice is yours.

The R-DEE all-in-one blockchain powered platform offers:

Authenticated and verified users.

All users on the platform are identity verified and each login is always real-time authenticated using our state-of-the art passwordless authentication technology.

Transactions and data are confirmed and recorded via blockchain technology in real-time.

Data, medical imaging, smart contracts, commercial activity, and more can be deployed and/or executed in minutes, patient data and supply chain tracked, and goods can be verified, purchased, tracked and exchanged within seconds.

All-in-one productivity. Always secure.

An all-in-one productivity suite of tools built around the safest and fastest interoperability solution in existence, easily plug R-DEE into any existing IT architecture. The safest web or device based solution available is designed for easy and seamless integration into existing enterprise systems, both large and small, on the only global distributed ledger network built from the ground up for the healthcare industry. And unlike cloud, R-DEE is always on and never fails.

Technology Validations and Standards

R-DEE's technology has been tested and certified by the ONC of the US Dept. of Human and Health Services (HHS), and has attained ISO 9001 and 27001 Certifications for Quality Management Systems and Information Security Management. R-DEE integrates easily and seamlessly, exceeds HIPAA compliance and adheres to CDCA, HL7 FHIR, and SOC2 standardizations.

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The digital healthcare productivity solution for the global healthcare industry.