Reinventing Healthcare IT with Blockchain & AI

Discover R-DEE Protocol™ by Radiologex®: A powerful, proprietary, dual-consensus blockchain network.

And meet R-DEE™, the ultimate healthcare data and productivity super-app (pronounced /ˈɑrˈdi/).

Experience a transformative shift in healthcare data sharing and productivity, only with R-DEE.

healthcare workflows.

Robust Trust: Through meticulous identity proofing and comprehensive audit trails.

Instant, Verified Sharing: Enable real-time data exchange and authentication, all blockchain-verified for utmost reliability.

Versatile Game-Changing IT Power: Harness hospital-level health IT tools through R-DEE - a singular app with multiple productivity modules accessible seamlessly on any device.


R-DEE revolutionizes healthcare collaboration. Connect effortlessly from any device, whether your colleagues are nearby or global. Empower healthcare professionals to work efficiently and safely, all fueled by the innovative Authlogex engine.
Benefit from robust identity-proofing, healthcare Digital-IDs, and blockchain-secured audit trails for unmatched safety. With R-DEE, elevate patient care and enjoy instant authentication, verification, and data portability across any facility, health IT platform, or region.

Blazing Forward.
Blazing Fast.

Global Nodes
Healthcare Data
Secured (TB's)

Evolving an Industry into a Unified Network.

Bridging Global Healthcare: Beyond Conventional Boundaries.

Empowering Everyone, From Professionals to Patients.

Evolving an Industry into a Unified Network.

Healthcare transcends mere medical treatments.

With the R-DEE network, we bridge diverse facets of the healthcare sector, fostering genuine collaboration across disciplines and geographies.

Become a part of the world's most extensive community of ID-verified healthcare professionals. Here, trust isn't just expected — it's ingrained™.

Bridging Global Healthcare: Beyond Conventional Boundaries.

While typical telehealth, EMR, and PHR systems are often confined to specific organizations, devices, facilities, or regions, R-DEE serves as the universal bridge.

We transcend these limitations, unifying healthcare data and communication across the globe.

Faster, more secure data sharing doesn't just streamline processes; it fundamentally enhances healthcare delivery.

Empowering Everyone, From Professionals to Patients.

R-DEE doesn't merely cater to the healthcare industry. We extend our reach to the public, creating a seamless experience for both healthcare providers and patients.

Anchoring global health IT integration, R-DEE solidifies its reputation as the go-to, trustworthy platform that unifies an ever-evolving healthcare arena.

Revolutionary technology ought to simplify, not complicate. With R-DEE, achieve greater outcomes for LESS. Accomplish more with enhanced safety, reduced time, and at a lower cost.

Get R-DEE. Elevate healthcare quality and enrich your life.

Comprehensive Productivity Suite at Your Fingertips.
Elevate your workflow with our all-encompassing R-DEE app. Thanks to the power of the R-DEE protocol, you can now enjoy an all-in-one health IT platform teeming with multifaceted productivity tools. Dive into an efficiency boost of up to 90%, supercharging your tasks and significantly reducing errors. This isn't merely an enhancement—it's a transformative leap without compromises
Comprehensive Modules for Healthcare.
Dive into our suite of nine specialized modules, each crafted for pivotal healthcare tasks. Serving a global community of 70 million+ healthcare professionals, we also spotlight a dedicated patient module, reaching out to the 1+ billion previously underserved or left out by legacy digital healthcare solutions.
Eliminate Redundancy & Risks.
Transition from juggling multiple platforms to embracing a single unified solution. Minimize costs, avert lockouts, and fortify against security breaches. A single login unveils a comprehensive hospital-grade productivity suite. Opt for à la carte selections or bundled subscriptions, tailored to your specialty or area of focus.
Paramount Security.
At R-DEE, we redefine data protection standards. We've elevated our security measures to unparalleled levels – soaring far beyond standard HIPAA compliance. By constantly staying ahead of emerging threats and integrating cutting-edge technologies, R-DEE establishes a new gold standard for safeguarding your vital data. And, our security architecture is so advanced that we've rendered traditional usernames and passwords obsolete, ushering in a safer, seamless access method.
Revolutionizing with Healthcare Digital IDs.
Introducing HD-ID's™: Digital IDs crafted for healthcare. HD-ID’s empower users with data ownership, ensure instant global verifiability, and prioritize the anonymization of sensitive patient data (PHI). A game-changing innovation that's set to redefine healthcare dynamics.
Cutting-Edge Blockchain & AI.
Employing state-of-the-art technology for real-time ID verification, data portability, and document authenticity. Know who accesses shared data, when, and if alterations occur. Features that other solutions simply don't offer. Our backbone network (R-DEE Protocol), a next-gen data superhighway that stands alone, is meticulously crafted to address the demanding needs of global healthcare — championing speed, bandwidth, and unmatched security.
“Trusona’s partnership with Radiologex meets the healthcare industry’s strict standards for security, providing passwordless authentication and identity proofing within the platform, mitigating the eight most common attack vectors. Together, Radiologex and Trusona offer healthcare professionals the ability to establish fast, secure communications channels and data transmissions from anywhere — and without the need for a password.”
Ori Eisen, Founder and CEO of

In the Press.

A New Standard. And Established Ones, Too.

R-DEE's technology has been tested and certified by the ONC of the US Department of Human and Health Services (HHS), and has attained ISO 9001 and 27001 Certifications for Quality Management Systems and Information Security Management. R-DEE integrates easily and seamlessly, exceeds HIPAA compliance and adheres to CDCA, HL7 FHIR*, and SOC2* standardizations.
* Pending audits.

Get R-DEE.
On Any Device at Anytime.

Available December 2023

R-DEE Platform Pricing Plans.

Choose the plan that works for you or your organizational type.
(for all Global healthcare users)
R-DEE Go available for public (patients)
KYC+Passwordless logins
Use from Any Device
R-DEE Connect
R-DEE Marketplace*
*limited use
R-DEE Clinical
$50/mo per user
(for medical practices, Nurses, Doctors, Clinicians, Frontline, Academics, Orgs)
KYC+Passwordless logins
Use from Any Device
R-DEE Connect
R-DEE Marketplace
R-DEE Expert
R-DEE Stream
R-DEE Vendor
$100/mo per user
(for Vendors/Suppliers/Service and Support Experts)
KYC+Passwordless logins
Use from Any Device
R-DEE Connect
(access to global verified Community)
R-DEE Marketplace
(buy sell)
(settlements and contacts)
R-DEE Expert
(book services)
By Request
(for medical/health systems, radiology, depts, hospitals, large organizations)
KYC+Passwordless logins
Use from Any Device
All 8 POWERFUL Modules
including R-DEE Scan and Vault

Data Storage Only Plans

Seamlessly elevate your data storage and security beyond the Cloud on the safest most secure blockchain powered and encrypted
data storage network available for healthcare.
And unlike our competitors, we are drastically lower in cost with flat fees.
Supports ALL healthcare data including DCM and Medical Images. No Hidden Costs/No egress/No Api call fees. EVER.
Data 1
2 user accounts
KYC+Passwordless logins
R-DEE Connect
R-DEE Vault
50GB included FREE
Additional $0.04 per GB extra as needed
Data 2
10 user accounts
KYC+Passwordless logins
R-DEE Connect
R-DEE Vault
250GB included FREE
Additional $0.02 per GB extra as needed