Happens Here.

R-DEE by Radiologex®

The first Web3 network-powered Super-App designed from the ground up for the global healthcare sector.

Communicate. Collaborate, Produce One powerful,ultra-secure platform with fully authenticated users.
Available all the time, on any device.

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R-DEE is your medal organization’s one-stop hub for connecting and collaborating with colleagues across the hall or across the globe, from any device.
Healthcare professionals are untethered by a new ability to perform more, more safely, and in real-time. This radically enhances patient service delivery. That is why we say- healthcare happens here.

Blazing Forward.
Blazing Fast.

Global Nodes
Healthcare Data
Secured (TBS)

Transforming an Industry into a Network.

Healthcare is about more than just medical treatments.

The R-DEE network caters to the full healthcare industry, creating truly interdisciplinary and synergistic connections across departments and borders.
Join the largest global community of ID‑verified and proofed healthcare professionals. Trust is never assumed,
it is built-in™.
Er personnel
Information officers
Service Providers
Office Managers
Thought Leaders

The R-DEE Advantage.

Our GlobalHealth Data Network™ features thousands of independent and segregated nodes powering R-DEE and distributed globally, providing unmatched security and unrivaled speed.. Move beyond the Cloud and archaic platform architecture to a fully hybrid blockchain powered single-point solution. With one login eliminating passwords with built-in authentication and tracking. Dedicated, private, and free from disruptions, failures, leaks, and eavesdropping.

Your Data.
Next-generation blockchain technology means that your data remains 100% private and secure. As custodians of your data, only your organization can access, analyze, or archive the information. This is HIPAA compliance for the 21st century.
Your Devices.
Reduce dependencies on multiple devices with one secure login on one platform. Our KYC user verifcation allows for easy passwordless login in an instant, even on shared devices. Things move fast. Remembering passwords is not a priority.
Your Teams.
The R-DEE system is design to maximize efficiency and collaboration, so that your teams can work faster, smarter, and more effectively. Connect your teams with colleagues, experts, suppliers, technicians, administrators and the rest of the medical ecosystem.

R-DEE is designed to seamlessly plug into and work alongside any current IT infrastructure or platform. Untether yourself from limitations set by costly and redundant hardware.

Simplify your life as well as your costs: R-DEE is not only drastically safer to use, but costs much less than clunky legacy systems. This is where modern healthcare teams collaborate and elevate.

Seamlessly start by using R-DEE Connect today for free and join the global healthcare provider community in the only safe and dedicated communicator without unknown users, adware, bots, and is fully HIPAA compliant for sensitive healthcare communication.

Built for security.
Designed for simplicity.

Built-in KYC/KYU with
full user ID verification
and biometric proofing.
Advanced UX provides
security without
usernames or passwords.

Trust is never assumed,
it is built in.
Works on any mobile device or
via web, regardless of hardware and
features 8 Powerful productivity
modules to perform all productivity
tasks in one single platform.

R-DEE is fully plug and play
is built to be a companion
to or replacement of your
current Health IT.
Own and manage all data and
permissions, without exception on
the largest healthcare dedicated and
private distributed network on earth.

Security, redundancy, scale
and speed: Next-Level.
“Trusona’s partnership with Radiologex meets the healthcare industry’s strict standards for security, providing passwordless authentication and identity proofing within the platform, mitigating the eight most common attack vectors. Together, Radiologex and Trusona offer healthcare professionals the ability to establish fast, secure communications channels and data transmissions from anywhere — and without the need for a password.”
Ori Eisen, Founder and CEO of

In the Press.

A New Standard. And Established Ones, Too.

R-DEE's technology has been tested and certified by the ONC of the US Department of Human and Health Services (HHS), and has attained ISO 9001 and 27001 Certifications for Quality Management Systems and Information Security Management. R-DEE integrates easily and seamlessly, exceeds HIPAA compliance and adheres to CDCA, HL7 FHIR, and SOC2 standardizations.

Get R-DEE.
On Any Device at Anytime.

R-DEE Platform Pricing Plans.

Choose the plan that works for you or your organizational type.
(for all Global healthcare users)
KYC+Passwordless logins
Use from Any Device
R-DEE Connect
R-DEE Marketplace*
*limited use
R-DEE Clinical
$50/mo per user
(for medical practices, Nurses, Doctors, Clinicians, Frontline, Academics, Orgs)
KYC+Passwordless logins
Use from Any Device
R-DEE Connect
R-DEE Marketplace
R-DEE Expert
R-DEE Stream
R-DEE Vendor
$100/mo per user
(for Vendors/Suppliers/Service and Support Experts)
KYC+Passwordless logins
Use from Any Device
R-DEE Connect
(access to global verified Community)
R-DEE Marketplace
(buy sell)
(settlements and contacts)
R-DEE Expert
(book services)
By Request
(for medical/health systems, radiology, depts, hospitals, large organizations)
KYC+Passwordless logins
Use from Any Device
All 8 POWERFUL Modules
including R-DEE Scan and Vault

Data Storage Only Plans

Seamlessly elevate your data storage and security beyond the Cloud on the safest most secure blockchain powered and encrypted
data storage network available for healthcare.
And unlike our competitors, we are drastically lower in cost with flat fees.
Supports ALL healthcare data including DCM and Medical Images. No Hidden Costs/No egress/No Api call fees. EVER.
Data 1
2 user accounts
KYC+Passwordless logins
R-DEE Connect
R-DEE Vault
50GB included FREE
Additional $0.04 per GB extra as needed
Data 2
10 user accounts
KYC+Passwordless logins
R-DEE Connect
R-DEE Vault
250GB included FREE
Additional $0.02 per GB extra as needed