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The next-gen all-in-one platform built specifically for the Medical/Healthcare industry.

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May 1, 2020
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May 15, 2020

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Uncertain times call for Extraordinary Solutions.

A severe lack of options exist to connect the global healthcare industry, where legacy IT platforms and methods compromise potential. Outdated tools of communication, transacting, and operating are not only slow, costly and unreliable, they are also vulnerable to data loss and security breaches. And, most importantly, these systems are needlessly complex and time consuming.

The highly fragmented nature of the healthcare industry—and lack of true interoperability—highlights the need for a modern solution. A single IT platform and high-speed secure network to set the gold standard in facilitating connectivity and market efficiency for the healthcare industry.

Meet R-DEE

(pronounced Ar-Dee, short for Radiologex).

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The R-DEE all-in-one blockchain powered platform offers:

Authenticated and verified users.

Users are seamlessly authenticated and verified.
Trust is never assumed, it is built-in .

Transactions and data are confirmed and recorded via blockchain technology in real-time.

Smart contracts and commercial activity can be deployed and/or executed in minutes, while goods and associated data can be verified, purchased, tracked and exchanged within seconds.

All-in-one productivity.

Users have access to an all-in-one productivity suite of tools built around the safest and fastest interoperability solution in existence, while designed for easy and seamless integration into existing enterprise systems, both large and small.

COVID19 Crisis Deployment Ready

In a crisis management situation, you need to:

  • Communicate instantly, securely, and quickly with text, pics, and videos (R-DEE Messenger);
  • Distribute training/instructional materials asap (R-DEE CDN);
  • Source critical PPE and medical equipment through verified sellers and suppliers and track them (R-DEE Marketplace);
  • Rapidly settle the transaction and smart contract (R-DEE PAY);
  • Quickly manage front-line clinical operations (R-DEE Infosys); and more.

All of these needs are solved on R-DEE mobile app or web (any device).

The world is changing rapidly, as are the demographics of healthcare affiliated workers. Is your enterprise equipped to deliver the advanced tools necessary and expected by the current and next generation of healthcare heroes?

Trust | Communication | Transparency

The only Telehealth Solution built from the ground up specifically for the Global Healthcare Industry.

What is R-DEE?

R-DEE is the first all-in-one platform built for all who work and function within the global healthcare industry – available on any device, powered by blockchain, and connecting the global healthcare industry like never before,

Secure healthcare connections on a global scale.
One cohesive ecosystem.

Welcome to the post-cloud world.

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  • Verified Users.
  • Verified Communication.
  • Verified Transactions.
  • Verified Data.
  • Real-time Productivity.

One Platform.

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