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Healthcare Happens Here

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The most secure all-in-one platform
connecting the global Healthcare Industry.

is made for:

EVERYONE affiliated with the Healthcare Industry. All 70 plus million people globally*.

Whether you are a frontline hero, clinician, nurse, doctor, administrator, lawyer or more, you now have one product and one place to bridge the global divide, all KYC'd and ID proofed using advanced biometrics.

It starts with
The Network:

Our GlobalHealth Network, featuring thousands of globally spread independent and segregated nodes, provides unmatched security and unrivaled speed. Dedicated, private, and FREE from BIG TECH disruptions, spying, or failures.

R-DEE is the world’s first Medical Interactive Network: part industry-safe social network, part productivity suite, part streaming service, one COMPLETE solution.

Intertwined Global Medicine, Reimagined.

View the LIVE R-DEE Network

Meet R-DEE the app built on the Network

Untether yourself from hardware or geographical limitations. Communicate, transact, explore, produce, share data and much more, all in REAL-TIME. To support your group or interact with the entire globe, the choice is yours.

Your Data.

Control access to your data down to the smallest detail. Data is stored securely on the only dedicated and private blockchain for the Healthcare Industry.

Because your data is stored privately, YOU are the sole custodian of that information. Your data is never stored, analyzed, or archived by anyone else. HIPAA compliance is taken to the NEXT-LEVEL, only on R-DEE.

Hardware Redundancies.

Less is more. Minimize dependencies on multiple devices with one secure login on one platform for all devices. Our KYC user verifcation allows for easy passwordless login in an instant.

Use common devices with 100% confidence in your security. We understand that medical staff moves quickly, and have built a system to ensure that individual accounts are completely secure. Share tablets, not privacy.


All Others
Built-in KYC/KYU (Know Your Customer/Know Your User) with full user ID verification and biometric identity proofing
Works on any mobile device or via web (zero reliance on hardware)
Fully plug and play (works seamlessly with any existing platform and databases and is vendor neutral)
Blockchain powered, utilizing powerful encryption security and the widest redundancy available
Advanced UX, no usernames necessary and logins without need for passwords
Ultra-secure Data Storage with real-time retrieval and encoded permissioned sharing
Payment settlement handled in-platform, pay for goods, services, payroll, including access to instant lending and finance, and more
24/7 globally avaialble real human support
You OWN YOUR DATA and PERMISSIONS - there are zero exceptions
Built-in tools: messaging, video conference, make transactions, seek services, PACS, CIS/RIS, 3rd party apps AND MORE

Uncertain times call for Extraordinary Solutions.

A severe lack of options exist to connect the global healthcare industry, where legacy IT platforms and methods compromise potential. Outdated tools of communication, transacting, and operating are not only slow, costly and unreliable, they are also vulnerable to data loss and security breaches. And, most importantly, these systems are needlessly complex and time consuming.

The highly fragmented nature of the healthcare industry—and lack of true interoperability—highlights the need for a modern solution. A single IT platform and high-speed secure network to set the gold standard in facilitating connectivity and market efficiency for the healthcare industry.

Top 3 healthcare industry problems:

an All-in-one Solution
Available from Anywhere,
on Any Device
Technological Fragmentation,
Redundancy and
Data Privacy, Security,
and Market Transparency

Explore R-DEE.

The 8 powerful Modules available in R-DEE. One whole ecosystem in one platform.

What can you do
with with R-DEE the app?

An amazingly advanced UX, designed to be a breeze to use, takes the frustration out of medical platform settings and options. You can do EVERYTHING with cutting edge exclusive real-time identity proofing of ALL users (full user identification KYC + biometrics).

Health IT. Simplified.

Trust is never assumed, it is built in.

Technology Validations and Standards

R-DEE's technology has been tested and certified by the ONC of the US Dept. of Human and Health Services (HHS), and has attained ISO 9001 and 27001 Certifications for Quality Management Systems and Information Security Management. R-DEE integrates easily and seamlessly, exceeds HIPAA compliance and adheres to CDCA, HL7 FHIR, and SOC2 standardizations.

Press & Announcements

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Radiologex Provides Unparalleled Medical Data Security with the R-DEE Network
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Radiologex Integrates with ONFIDO to Implement Innovative Identity Verification Soution on Their Healthcare Platform
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Press Release
Radiologex Partners with Trusona to Bolster User Authentication Security
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Founders Say Product is Especially Relevant with Coronavirus Where Fast, Secure Communication/Data Transmission is Priority
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Radiologex Introduces World's First All-Inclusive Productivity and Collaboration Platform for Healthcare Professionals and Companies
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Press Release
Radiologex Implements Maximum User Auth Security for Innovative Healthcare Industry Software

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