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The next-gen all-in-one Platform built specifically for the Medical/Healthcare Industry.
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    Nov 1 2019
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RDEE’s technology has been tested and certified by the ONC of the US Dept. of Human and Health Services (HHS)


Radiologex, or RDEE for short, is the only platform you need, accessible on any device (IOS/Android/or online on any deskstop, powered by blockchain and the RDGX™ AI network.

What does this mean for you?

Radiologex delivers you the ability to do MORE for Less, more intuitive and user friendly, more advanced features, more security for LESS COST.
Communicate, collaborate, transact in a marketplace, trade/share/and access content, access service providers, perform advanced Medical Imaging and Patient Workflow Management, from referrals to scheduling, with a built-in Payment Settlement Network- with Military Grade security, a global reach (borderless), blazing fast, with a state-the-art user-interface.


Unparalleled Speed, Power, and Security

It costs NOTHING to find our how much RDEE can help you. Download and register in seconds, begin collaborating with our global network of Medical and Healthcare employees and professionals for FREE.
The global Medical Industry has never been so connected, yet so Free.

The galant, innovative solution is here to challenge the status quo

The 7 Powerful Modules of the Radiologex Platform
RDEE Messenger
Dual-encrypted global Communication, chat, voice, video, including Groups, Networking, and more. Share sensitive data and information in real-time, with peace of mind, all while bridging the divide between the over 60 million people employed and active within the Medical and Healthcare industry.
RDEE Marketplace
Global marketplace directly connecting buyers and sellers of all Medical Equipment and goods. Big or small, every modality, and open 24/7. Instantly: track, pay, and check the authenticity of purchases with strong KYB/KYS (know your buyer/know your buyer requisites)
RDEE Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Training/collaboration/3rd Party Apps and Content - delivered directly to you at high-quality and speed.
RDEE Service-On-Demand
Seek and engage with trusted independent Service providers, anytime, on-demand. Get immediate service assistance worldwide with help online/on messenger/voice/video/or in person. Any service request/any modality/anytime. No more waiting/no more service provider limitations.
Built in RDEE Token Payment Network., borderless, instant payment settlements-pay anyone at anytime, vendors/payroll/service providers/for goods and equipment. Transact safely and instantly, with much lower fees.
Enhanced, next-gen Medical Imaging Tools-on any device, mobile or Web. High definition full DCM files, storage, retrieval, transfer, View, and Report in High-Speed with powerful report tools.
High-powered and effective Clinical and Patient Workflow Management Tools. From Patient Referrals to Patient Scheduling. Small operator to Large Clinical providers, RDEE RIS/CIS is built to handle all scale with effective features.

Cutting-edge Authentication Technology

No usernames/No passwords. Leave them behind, enter a new more secure and faster way to login, from anywhere, at anytime.
Does not rely on unsafe SMS, multiple MFA options, 2, 3, 4 Factor.
Fast-boarding, password-less account creation option. No tokens, typing, password, username
Consistent login UX in any channel.
Know for sure. No probabilities or false positives. State-of-the-art Anti-replay.
Thwart static credential replay.
No static credential is now secure.

Powerful read and report features

Discover new ways to VIEW, REPORT, TRACK, RETRIEVE and SECURE medical images permanently and without limitations.
Enthrall your organization with near instant high-definition, ultra-high quality Image transfers and viewing, across all manufacturers and all modalities with enhanced Dicom standards. Unlimited storage capacities on the RDEE blockchain. Full custodianship powers, means the data is yours and yours ONLY. Permissions tracking: know who viewed each image and when, utilizing advanced cryptogaghic hashing (encryption).
Medical Imaging will never be the same.




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Easy to use, multi-platform

WIN / MACOS / ANDROID / IOS /WEB Fluid workflow, responsive User Interface designed specifically for the Medical Industry. Highly responsive, easy to use, including full voice dictation and auto dictation capabilities, accomplish more tasks in less time.

High-Definition Image quality

High-Definition Image quality
Getting the most out of your quality imaging equipment with little to no compression and loss. View the image as it was scanned-just how medical imaging should be.

Cut the cord

Eliminate waste from multiple platforms, not software and hardware (and potential sources of data leaks). The first Medical Interactive Network- gives you all the tools you need in one platform.

Unrivaled worldwide Technical Support

Live Support, always available, 24/7, Multi-Language capability
and support, via chat / call / skype / telegram / email.

Ultra-secure Payment Platform

Payment settlement, even across borders, with exceptionally low fees using the RDEE token and payment platform. Drastically reduce overhead costs up to 90% using the RDEE native token. Transact like you never have before, pay associates, vendors, partners, and more-instantly.

Multi-modality Medical Image support

Enhanced Dicom and a dual-blockchain powered RDGX AI network, ushering In a new era of ultra high quality MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasoud, Mammo, Nuclear Medicine and other image modality data retrieval, storage, and reporting.

Advanced Next-Gen, military-grade Security

Powered by a proprietary third-generation, cutting edge, dual-blockchain architecture With end-user controlled privacy and a blazing fast, ultra-secure, immutable data storage and high definition image retrieval/viewing/and reporting. Next-level HIPPA compliance with permanent safe storage across our decentralized platform. A leap forward from current cloud-based PACS solutions. Double-encryption mechanism on a closed, permission-based Enterprise level private blockchain at the onset.

High-capacity and unlimited capacity storage

Instant data retrieval transforming workflow between medical entities. End-to end encryption and cryptographically signed keys ushers in a revisionary way to permanently store and track data viewership, the most advanced security available, cryptographically signed. Control access to few or many and identify and track who viewed each image, allowing you full and sole custody of your data.

Advanced post-processing features and VR capabilities powered by RDGX AI*

* Complete RIS/CIS suite, manage the entire patient workflow from Referral to scheduling and all in between. Cut costs/save time, on the first ALL-IN-ONE platform of its kind.
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