R-DEE Protocol™

A Bespoke Blockchain Masterpiece for Global Healthcare

Distinctively Powerful

The R-DEE Protocol isn't just another blockchain solution—it's a meticulously crafted, proprietary marvel, specifically engineered for the global healthcare landscape. Rising distinctively above standard solutions, R-DEE Protocol embodies the fusion of a private Proof of Authority (PoA) with the robustness of a permissioned Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus, all resting on our uniquely designed, custom Quorum-based algorithm/QBFT infrastructure. This is not an adaptation—it's a ground-up creation, optimized for the multifaceted demands of healthcare data.

With its focus squarely on the intricate requirements of healthcare—encompassing immense bandwidth, pinpoint adaptability, swift accessibility, and ironclad security—R-DEE Protocol stands as a testament to what can be achieved with dedicated, industry-specific blockchain design. This isn't just a tool; it's the future benchmark for healthcare blockchain.

Distributed Networking: Nodes In Synergy

Embedded within this groundbreaking network is the RDGX™ utility token•, an instrumental asset. Holding 10,000 stake (collateral) of RDGX unlocks the potential for third-party network partners to operate an R-MIN™or Radiologex Medical Interactive Node. Approved Node Validators, who are entrusted with critical tasks on the PoS layer for the Authlogex™ engine, are duly compensated monthly by the network. This seamless compensation mechanism is powered by the R-DEE Settle module and wallet.

But the innovation doesn't end there. R-DEE Protocol offers full node management deployment and real-time monitoring controls, simplifying the onboarding process. Operating the R-MIN becomes effortless, inviting partners to play a pivotal role in augmenting the network's scale and impenetrable security.

Distinctive Features:
  • Proprietary Dual Consensus System: Combining the might of PoA and PoS for transactions that are both rapid and steadfast, evading typical blockchain vulnerabilities.
  • Exclusive Quorum-based/QBFT Design: Our handcrafted architecture guarantees unparalleled speed, transparency, and consistent data validation and handling.
  • Purpose-built for Healthcare: Precision-tailored to resonate with the healthcare sector's intricate demands, ensuring fluid data operations.
  • Unbreachable Security Shield: Our mission transcends mere protection; we're crafting an impervious citadel around global healthcare data.
  • RDGX Utility Token & R-MIN: Empower third-party partners to become an integral part of the network, enhancing its robustness and extending its reach. With the ease of node management and deployment, becoming a valued network partner is both lucrative and straightforward.

The R-DEE Protocol isn't merely a blockchain for healthcare—it's the singular, indisputable standard exclusively designed for global healthcare data, marking it as the quintessential blockchain protocol choice for the industry.
* The RDGX utility token is distributed solely by Radiologex Technologies Ltd. BVI, exclusively under license from Radiologex.