It's all about the network

Meet the R-DEE Distributed Network for the Healthcare Industry.


Nearly 4000 global Nodes (and growing) operating the world’s only distributed, segregated network, built specifically for Healthcare productivity and data storage with vigorous efficiency and staunch redundancy. Mission Critical data is always secure and stored across multiple globally set Nodes.


Next-level reliability and security. Say goodbye to potential data loss and outages, all while securing your apps and data at fractions of the cost. Real-time network visualization and automated disaster recovery, which your current cloud storage—even AWS—cannot deliver on.


Turbo-charge your productivity by using the free-to-use, built-in R-DEE productivity suite, or utilize the blazing fast network to deliver your own software and apps safely across your healthcare network. The revved-up R-DEE Network is the most secure, safe, and stable platform ever built for productivity, streaming, collaboration, and data storage connecting the entire global healthcare sector.
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