What is R-DEE?

Security & Speed

R-DEE delivers where SPEED, SECURITY, and OPERATIONAL INTEROPERABILITY is critical. Global healthcare industry interactivity is transformed. Built-in user-verification and authentication that is so good, we did away with usernames and passwords entirely.

With the strongest state-of-the-art user authentication and verification technology, delivering the best User Experience (UX) that bridges the entire global healthcare industry on ONE PLATFORM and in real-time.

Decentralized Blockchain

We harness advanced software engineering built on top of decentralized ledger technology (blockchain) to deliver the world’s first Medical Interactive Network™, the healthcare industry’s social network and productivity suite, all-in-one, always available, and always on.


Cut the cord on redundant, costly, and unsecure multiple hardware and software solutions and replace them with the ONLY all-in-one, available-from-anywhere, at any time solution.

R-DEE did not just solve for securing data. We solved for verifying the creator and sender of that data, helping you control its access (custodianship), as well as providing the tools to create and transmit that data, at high speed.

Intertwined Global Medicine, Reimagined

R-DEE is the only secure platform available that delivers the highest quality User Experience (UX) and increases output speed, all while eliminating fail-points and data loss vulnerabilities.

Do more, faster, for less money, efficiently & securely, period.

What Does R-DEE Do?

Powerful tools at your fingertips

R-DEE Meet

Share sensitive data and information in real time with peace of mind, using our military-grade, dual-end encrypted messaging platform (with highest HIPAA compliance available)–a must-have for ER, front-line and critical response personnel.

Connect directly and instantly with your peers worldwide through R-DEE Meet’s end-to-end encrypted communication (text/voice/video) on any device.

R-DEE Meet

Watch R-DEE in Action

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Why R-DEE?

Secure Authentication

Because security, authentication, and rapid access are foremost in R-DEE’s design­–and No IT platform whether client-side, cloud, or blockchain based is immune from data hacks and stolen or lost usernames and passwords - thus, Radiologex went above and BEYOND - partnering w Trusona®, the pioneers in passwordless technology to deliver cutting-edge authentication and user verification technology on the most secure healthcare platform available. Usernames and Passwords are in the past, access your vital information quickly and seamlessly.

Identity Proofing

  • With built-in Know Your Customer automation, all users are verified on our platform, near instantly and digitally, using photo ID’s and facial biometrics. Trust is never assumed, it is built-in.


  • R-DEE does not rely on unsafe SMS or multiple-factor authentication. Its fast-boarding, passwordless account creation process renders usernames and passwords obsolete and optional only in cases where a device is inaccessible.


  • R-DEE authenticates its users through document data scan and verification service (AAMVA) with state-of-the-art anti-replay technology.
  • Multiple MFA capable.
  • No Tokens, means no loss of token device.
  • Consistent login UX in any channel.
  • Thwarts static credential replay.
  • Eliminates keyloggers and password reuse.
  • No Phishing, SIM swapping, or credential stuffing.

For Improved Healthcare Quality.

Powerful User-Authentication

More Successful Logins

Less Downtime

Faster Workflow

Powerful Apps

Radiologex offers powerful, built-in productivity apps with the end user–a healthcare professional–in mind. R-DEE is an integrated ecosystem existing on a single platform, available across different devices and the world, thereby eliminating redundant and costly processes to maintain multiple accounts on different platforms. Furthermore, R-DEE’s technology has been tested and certified by the ONC of the US Dept. of Human and Health Services (HHS).

iPad Pro with Pen iPad Pro with R-DEE Web Platform

Technology Validations and Certificates

R-DEE's technology has been tested and certified by the ONC of the US Dept. of Human and Health Services (HHS), and has attained ISO 9001 and 27001 Certifications for Quality Management Systems and Information Security Management.

Full Custodianship / HIPAA Compliant

Take full custodianship of your privacy and data. There are no trackers or use of data-mining: seamless, safe, and instant interaction has never been simpler–R-DEE is powered by the most advanced encryption and secured by blockchain, with the highest HIPAA compliance available.

Take advantage of unlimited storage capacities and high-speed data retrieval on the R-DEE blockchain. With full custodianship, the data is yours and yours only. You can grant permission to others to view the data, and track when they viewed it.

How Do I Get R-DEE?

R-DEE is easy available on all devices and the following subscription offerings:

  • Free download and use for iOS on the App Store and Android on the Google Play
  • Register, access, and use R-DEE anytime directly though this website.
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Available in the following subscription tiers

R-DEE Free
Available worldwide to all
R-DEE Plus
Enhanced features
All-inclusive business use
R-DEE Enterprise
Private blockchain and platform white label solutions for large enterprise and government

Additional Features

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Expertly Crafted UI, On Any Device.

Fluid workflow and highly responsive User Interface designed specifically for the Medical and Healthcare Industry. Seamlessly switch between R-DEE Marketplace and R-DEE Connect, engage your private group with curated Content on R-DEE Stream, settle invoices on R-DEE Settle, discuss patient referrals and do scheduling right on R-DEE Manager. Do more, in less time, on any device, Mac, PC, IOS, Android, and Web. No more waiting until you “get back to your device or station”. Healthcare needs always on, healthcare needs now, healthcare needs R-DEE.

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High-Definition Quality

Enjoy superior image quality across the entire R-DEE platform. Whether you are sending pics or video on R-DEE Connect, viewing an MRI image on R-DEE Scan, or viewing a training video on R-DEE Stream. View the image as it was scanned (just how medical imaging should be) or how it was intended for you to view. Only on the fastest CDN (content delivery network) custom-built for the global healthcare industry, constructed for high-quality and fast speed.

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Cut the cord

Let R-DEE save you time and money by eliminating the need for redundant, multiple software and hardware based systems and platforms. Not only are they slowing your enterprise down by requiring an array of different components, maintenance, and product training, they are, more importantly, a dangerous sources of data leaks, hacks and attributable HIPAA violations The first Medical Interactive Network™ is here and it gives you all the tools (and freedom) you need for a bonafide all-one-platform. Communicate, collaborate, transact, and produce, only on one account and one platform.

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Unrivaled Worldwide Technical Support

Live Support, always available, 24/7. Searching for support and contact emails are annoying enough, made worse by receiving a ticket and promise of help to come, sometimes days later. At R-DEE, we find this to be grossly inadequate for our customers and users. Hence why we have on-demand and real-time, multi-Language capability and support, via in-app chat, text, call, video conference, and out of app telegram, discord, email and other channels. Above and beyond our global tech support center, we are deploying regional technical support PODS™ available in multiple countries and regions across the globe. Your time is valuable and the bottom-line, improved patient healthcare, is our ultimate focus.

Payment Icon

Secure Payment Platform

Payment settlement, even across borders, with exceptionally low fees using the in-app RDEE credits and payment platform, R-DEE Settle. Drastically reduce overhead costs up to 90% using RDEE Credits, a strictly US dollar based digital asset (stablecoin). Transact like you never have before, pay associates, vendors, partners, cover payroll, escrow, seek same-day financing and much more, nearly instantly. With debit card support and settlement with local currencies (USD to local) for most countries globally, the future of transacting for the entire global healthcare industry and sector has arrived.

Imaging Icon

Built-In, Next-Gen PACS System

With R-DEE Scan, enjoy enhanced PACS and Dicom on a blockchain powered RDGX AI network, ushering In a new era of high quality MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammo, Nuclear Medicine and other image modality, instant data retrieval, unlimited secure (encrypted) storage, and cutting-edge reporting tools, even on your phone. All on a fluid and simple user-interface-the powerful tools you need made better, and the clutter you were previously used to removed.

Security Icon

The Most Secure Platform and Network

Advanced user-authentication and verification powered by a proprietary third-generation, leading-edge, blockchain based architecture. With end-user controlled privacy and blazing fast, secure, immutable data storage, give access and permissions for your information and data on the fly, always keeping track and full-custodianship of YOUR data. Trust ie never assumed, it is built-in™. Next-level HIPAA compliance with permanent safe storage is standard across our decentralized platform. A giant leap forward from current legacy and cloud-based solutions.

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All That and More

A true Web3.0 solution would not be authentic unless it were a bonafide all-in-one solution. Find your second opinion, contracts, collaboration, connections. Advanced features and capabilities such as our neural network and AI based algorithms that are not just buzzwords, they actually perform a function such as medical data/image aggregation and AI algorithms coded in to help you work smarter and faster. R-DEE is not just a platform, it is a comprehensive healthcare hub designed to help you engage in the ultimate service and idea exchange. This is why healthcare happens here .