Meet R-DEE.

The secure, all-in-one technology platform and network specifically built for the Global Healthcare Industry.


Share sensitive data and information in real time with peace of mind, using our military-grade, dual-end encrypted messaging platform: a must-have for ER, front-line and critical response personnel.

Connect directly and instantly with your peers worldwide through R-DEE Meet’s end-to-end encrypted communication (text/voice/video) on any device. With the highest HIPAA compliance available, R-DEE eliminates the need for unsecured communications over popular platforms like WhatsApp and Zoom.

Industry-Grade Security
HIPAA Compliant Communication
Text, Voice and Video Features


Join a true global marketplace for healthcare products. With R-DEE Marketplace, you can buy & sell medical equipment and goods in a worldwide market of authenticated users, engage with vendors, and leave your own reviews.

Our commercial hub includes secure payment and transaction processing with escrow capabilities. Marketplace also supports direct or 3rd party payment arrangements, all documented and confirmed through R-DEE.

We have streamlined procurement and sales to move your product more directly, quickly, and safely than ever before.

Verified & Trusted Vendors
Secure Payment Transactions
Escrow Capabilities & Smart Contracts


With our built-in R-DEE token payment network, R-DEE Settle makes it easy and safe to settle transactions instantly. This means you can lower your transaction fees and send or receive funds to anyone: employees, vendors, service providers and more.

Our tokenized network pegs the USD to a digital token called RDGX for a 1:1 value. With flat settlements to ANY country coming soon, RDGX tokens can be used to pay expenses like goods, contracts, and payroll, or to secure instant lending and financing options. The R-DEE VISA debit card will also allow you to use RDGX tokens ANYWHERE.

Instant Payment Settlement
Ultra Low Fees
Features USD-stable R-DEE Credits Token


Seek and engage trusted independent service providers, anytime.

Get immediate assistance worldwide through chat, voice calls, video conference, or in person.

Get your service request completed anytime – no more waiting or being constrained by service provider geographical limitations.

Connect with Vendors & Service Providers
Instant On-Demand Access
Ensure Vendor Reliability & Payment


Scan reimagines the standard PACS system as a decluttered and easy-to-use platform. With all of the current PACS services you rely on, our intuitive system provides powerful tools to manage your medical images without limitations. View, report, track and SHARE your medical scans and store them on the R-DEE blockchain.

We built R-DEE to ensure that YOU retain full custodianship of your files: the data is yours, and yours alone. Because R-DEE Scan is built on blockchain, neither speed nor storage restrictions will limit you. Our secure platform grants you full access to your data’s information: track who has viewed your images, manage permissions, and archive with ease.

Advanced Image Analysis & Reporting
Easy to Use and Collaborate
R-DEE Vault Integrates Unlimited Storage


Clinical information management does not need to be complex. We know you need a system to manage your clinical workflow, not overcomplicate it or challenge staff. R-DEE Manager is our CIS/RIS reinvention that provides a full array of capabilities, from patient referral and onboarding to invoicing and patient release.

Customized to your institution, R-DEE Manager is scalable to meet the ever-growing and individual needs of clinicians. Our integrated radiology and clinical information module is lightning fast and centrally available to serve all parties.

Clinical Workflow Management
Integrate Existing Clinic Tools
R-DEE Pay Supported for Financial Needs


Get to know the MOST secure and redundant data storage network available. Connected to R-DEE Scan, Vault is designed to meet the unique data requirements of the healthcare industry: absolute security to exceed regulatory compliance that also allows for authorized file sharing between healthcare providers.

Our end-to-end encrypted solution is built on a hybrid cloud-DLT stack, offering granular file control/permissions with unlimited storage capacity. We imagined a solution that didn’t charge extra for storage or create vulnerable security gaps, like Dropbox and Google Drive. R-DEE Vault’s absolute security and global reach, making your files available to you anywhere, is revolutionary for healthcare.

Fully Encrypted Data Solution
Decentralized Storage for Max Security
HIPAA Compliant File Sharing


Share and learn with your peers from around the world with our innovative information hub at R-DEE Stream. From training videos and seminars to custom content and news, you can access the latest thought leadership in healthcare delivered with unlimited bandwidth at high speed.

This module is fully interactive and expandable, allowing for third-party and medical specific apps like R-DEE AI Medical Data Analytics, a neural network medical repository for rapid case assessment. Or create and share your own content, privately among selected contacts or publicly, to foster innovation through our GlobalHealth Network.

Content Creation & Distribution Platform
Exclusive Healthcare Content
Integrate Your Apps

Do more—efficiently, securely, and faster—for less money, period.

Why R-DEE?

Secure Authentication

No IT platform—whether it’s client-side, cloud, or blockchain—is immune from data hacks or stolen/lost login credentials. That’s why we put security, authentication, and rapid access foremost in developing R-DEE. We understand your industry risks, and created the MOST secure healthcare platform available.

With R-DEE, usernames and passwords are a thing of the past. Radiologex partnered with Trusona, the pioneers of passwordless technology, to provide cutting-edge authentication and user verification. Our secure approach ensures that you can access your vital information quickly and safely—from anywhere, at any time.

Identity Proofing

  • With built-in Know Your Customer automation, all users are verified on our platform, near instantly and digitally, using photo ID’s and facial biometrics. Trust is never assumed, it is built-in.


  • R-DEE does not rely on unsafe SMS or multiple-factor authentication. Its fast-boarding, passwordless account creation process renders usernames and passwords obsolete and optional only in cases where a device is inaccessible.


  • R-DEE authenticates its users through document data scan and verification service (AAMVA) with state-of-the-art anti-replay technology.
  • Multiple MFA capable.
  • No Tokens, means no loss of token device.
  • Consistent login UX in any channel.
  • Thwarts static credential replay.
  • Eliminates keyloggers and password reuse.
  • No Phishing, SIM swapping, or credential stuffing.

For Improved Healthcare Quality.

Powerful User-Authentication

More Successful Logins

Less Downtime

Faster Workflow

Watch R-DEE in Action

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Full Custodianship / HIPAA Compliant

Take full custodianship of your privacy and data. There are no trackers or use of data-mining: seamless, safe, and instant interaction has never been simpler–R-DEE is powered by the most advanced encryption and secured by blockchain, with the highest HIPAA compliance available.

Take advantage of unlimited storage capacities and high-speed data retrieval on the R-DEE blockchain. With full custodianship, the data is yours and yours only. You can grant permission to others to view the data, and track when they viewed it.

How Do I Get R-DEE?

R-DEE is easy available on all devices and the following subscription offerings:

  • Free download and use for iOS on the App Store and Android on the Google Play
  • Register, access, and use R-DEE anytime directly though this website.
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Available in the following subscription tiers

R-DEE Free
Available worldwide to all
R-DEE Plus
Enhanced features
All-inclusive business use
R-DEE Enterprise
Private blockchain and platform white label solutions for large enterprise and government