Meet R-DEE.

The one health IT app that does it all.

When we declared that we're offering a 'hospital-sized health IT infrastructure in the palm of your hand,' we weren't exaggerating. R-DEE's optional modules, presented as stand-alone apps, provide a diverse and powerful suite of productivity tools.

Every module is enhanced by the robust capabilities of the Authlogex™ engine.


Transmit sensitive healthcare data and information instantly with assured security.

Our dual-end encrypted messaging platform is indispensable for ER, frontline, and critical response teams, as well as doctor-to-doctor communications. Whether you're in healthcare front office, backend, or billing, R-DEE is tailored to provide high value.

Engage directly with peers globally using R-DEE Meet's comprehensive, end-to-end encrypted communication tools (text, voice, video) across all devices. Adhering to the strictest HIPAA standards, R-DEE renders unsecured channels like cellular, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Zoom, and others obsolete.

Premium Security Standards.
Exceedingly HIPAA-Compliant Communications.
Integrated Text, Voice, and Video Capabilities.


A new way to PACS.

Gone are the days of cluttered and complicated PACS systems. R-DEE Scan is your intuitive platform that retains all the crucial PACS services, redesigned for unparalleled ease of use. Dive into a world where medical images can be viewed, reported, tracked, and shared effortlessly, with the added security and permanence of the R-DEE blockchain.

With R-DEE, your data is sacred. You remain the sole custodian of your files; after all, the data is unequivocally yours. And thanks to the blockchain foundation, you can bid adieu to concerns over speed or storage limitations. Revel in the power to track your data's lineage, control permissions, and archive with simplicity.

Cutting-edge Image Analysis & Reporting.
Seamless Collaboration Features.
Unlimited Storage with R-DEE Vault Integration.
Instant reporting and sharing with R-DEE Connect, on one screen.


Redefining Healthcare Data Security.

Introducing R-DEE Vault: the pinnacle of data storage networks, precisely crafted to meet the stringent requirements of the healthcare sector. Integrated seamlessly with R-DEE Scan, Vault shines with its hybrid redundancy back-end, married to a distributed architecture. This groundbreaking combination ensures matchless security, far exceeding regulatory standards, while promoting authorized data sharing among healthcare experts. Moreover, it eliminates the risk of single-point data failure, a flaw that plagues many existing cloud solutions.

At its foundation, R-DEE Vault is propelled by our trailblazing dual consensus R-DEE Protocol, harnessing the unmatched security and transparency of blockchain technology. This avant-garde strategy offers a quicker, considerably more secure, and cost-efficient solution for preserving healthcare data.

With R-DEE Vault, you're not merely safeguarding data; you're ensuring its longevity and accessibility, regardless of your global location, all at less cost.

State-of-the-art, Distributed Data Storage underpinned by Hybrid Redundancy.
Driven by the Revolutionary Dual Consensus R-DEE Protocol.
Staunch End-to-End Encryption for Paramount Data Safety.
Guaranteed HIPAA Compliance for Uninterrupted and Secure File Exchange.


Experience the future of seamless transactions.

Our platform uniquely blends the security of a Stablecoin Gateway for transaction stability with the added flexibility of supporting the R-DEE Protocol Token, RDGX, exclusively for subscription payments and services.

Settlements on R-DEE Settle are executed instantly using our Stablecoin Gateway, ensuring stability. This stable coin, pegged 1:1 with the USD, provides the assurance for transactions such as goods, contracts, payroll, or instant lending and financing. With flat settlements to any country on our horizon, the capabilities of our stable coin expand even further.

In parallel, for subscriptions and unique services, the RDGX token comes into play, ensuring a diversified yet harmonized transactional ecosystem. Additionally, R-DEE Settle is equipped with an automated Node Validator (R-MIN) deployment, monitoring, and tracking technology designed explicitly for the Proof-of-Stake layer.

Instant Payment Settlement via the Stablecoin Gateway.
Ultra Low Fees.
Exclusive support for R-DEE Protocol Token, RDGX, for subscriptions and services.
Automated R-MIN deployment for Proof-of-Stake layer.
Future-ready with flat settlements to any country.
A diversified transactional ecosystem.


Step into the premier global healthcare marketplace.

Discover a seamless platform to buy and sell medical equipment and products, all within a community of verified users. Every vendor and product is backed by trust, with comprehensive audit trails and tracking. Engage directly with vendors, share insights through reviews, and make informed choices. The world's most vital market sector now has the security and trust it rightfully deserves.

Verified and trusted vendors.
Options for both direct and third-party payment methods.
Secure transaction processing equipped with escrow services.
Meticulous documentation, product authentication and tracking, and confirmation through R-DEE.


Unlock Expertise Instantly.

With Expert, you're no longer bound by traditional constraints. Delve into a global network where you can effortlessly discover and collaborate with top-tier independent service providers, tailored to your needs.

Whether you're halfway across the world or just down the street, real-time support is available at your fingertips. Engage with professionals through a seamless interface, be it chat, voice calls, video conferences, or even face-to-face meetings. Gone are the days of prolonged wait times and limitations due to geographical barriers. Our platform is designed to ensure your service requests are addressed promptly, matching you with the right expert, at the right time.

Comprehensive Directory: Hand-picked vendors and service providers vetted for quality and expertise.
Instant Access: No matter the time zone or location, gain immediate entry to a world of professionals.
Trust & Transparency: Ensure reliability through our robust review system, backed by secure and straightforward payment methods.


Simplifying Clinical Processes.

At the heart of effective patient care lies a seamless clinical workflow. R-DEE Manager revolutionizes CIS/RIS by eliminating unnecessary complexities. From patient referrals to final invoicing and discharge, our platform offers a comprehensive solution that integrates each step seamlessly.

Crafted to align with your institution's specific needs, R-DEE Manager is designed to adapt to the unique and ever-growing demands of modern clinicians. Our integrated radiology and clinical information module prioritizes swift access and communication, ensuring all stakeholders are always on the same page.

Streamlined Clinical Workflow Management.
One-screen Workflow Management & Communication with R-DEE Connect.
Effortless Integration with Current Clinic Systems.
Simplified Financial Oversight with R-DEE Settle Integration.


Engage, Lead, Teach, and Innovate.

Dive into R-DEE Stream, a cutting-edge hub that connects you with healthcare professionals worldwide. Whether you're seeking the latest in training videos, seminars, specialized content, or industry news, access it all at lightning speed with limitless bandwidth.

Beyond being a reservoir of knowledge, R-DEE Stream is dynamic and adaptable. It seamlessly integrates third-party and medical-centric apps like R-DEE AI Medical Data Analytics, a neural network-powered repository for swift case evaluations. Additionally, you have the flexibility to craft and share your content, be it within a select group or to a broader audience, spurring innovation within the R-DEE global user community.

Comprehensive Platform for Content Creation and dissemination.
Access to Premium Healthcare Content & Insights.
Seamless App Integration Capabilities.


Take your Health with you, wherever you go.

Introducing R-DEE Go – Designed for billions of patients worldwide, this module empowers you with genuine global custody of your complete health records. Unshackle yourself from device-related, health organization (EMR), regional, or global restrictions. Gain the freedom to add, access, and share your health data wherever your journey takes you, regardless of the boundaries.

Instant Data Sharing: Easily share health records in real-time for efficient care anywhere.
Data Immutability: Guaranteed unaltered storage, preserving health data integrity.
Monetization Opportunities: Earn from your health data by sharing anonymized details with AI, advertisers, and researchers.
Empowerment through Data Sovereignty: Maintain control over your health information's usage and sharing

Maximize Efficiency, Security, and Speed - All at Less Cost with R-DEE.


Secure and Simplify.

The Pinnacle of Digital Trust in Healthcare

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare technology, Radiologex stands at the forefront with its patented Authlogex™ engine. Designed to be the heart and soul of the R-DEE platform, Authlogex™ is not just any digital security feature; it's the embodiment of trust, identity, and traceability. By intricately weaving comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) processes with cutting-edge, privacy-centric biometric identification, we've crafted a healthcare-specific digital ID that ensures every interaction is authenticated, every user is verified, and every data point is genuine.


A better and safer UX for all. In the health IT realm, transitioning to a usernameless and passwordless gateway is a significant advancement in both security and user experience. Conventional login methods have cost the industry billions due to account lockouts, unauthorized access, and cyber threats. Moreover, considerable time is lost in password recovery and IT support interactions. By eliminating outdated login mechanisms, platforms bolster security and drastically reduce associated financial and productivity losses. This cutting-edge authentication ensures rapid, secure access, minimizes user frustrations, and protects against breaches. As a result, healthcare professionals can focus on patient care, assured of their digital environment's resilience.

Healthcare Digital-IDs

R-DEE's revolutionary Healthcare Digital ID (HD-ID) offers a transformative approach to managing healthcare data, seamlessly blending security, accessibility, and efficiency. Anchored by our biometric-based identification system, HD-ID provides real-time verification, cross-border data portability, and ironclad anonymization of Personal Health Information (PHI). Whether it's facilitating instant peer consultations, accelerating insurance claim processes, or ensuring precise emergency responses, HD-ID's unique architecture provides an unmatched level of trust and efficiency.

Beyond instant data access, HD-ID is underpinned by the groundbreaking R-DEE platform by Radiologex, ensuring that data is not just accessed but is also secured and authenticated. In a world where fragmented health data leads to billions in wastage due to inefficiencies and errors, HD-ID's potential to streamline processes can revolutionize both patient care and the economic footprint of the healthcare sector. Embrace the future with R-DEE's HD-ID—where innovation meets identity, reshaping global healthcare.

Data Vital Audit Trails

Beyond mere identification, the power of Authlogex™ extends to its unparalleled data audit capabilities. Every byte of information, every transaction, and every interaction within the R-DEE productivity suite leaves an indelible mark, creating an unbreakable chain of trust. This not only assures the integrity and validity of data but also fosters transparency and accountability. Whether you're accessing training modules or managing patient data, with Authlogex™, you're not just using a tool; you're engaging with a comprehensive ecosystem that prioritizes your data's safety, credibility, and traceability. Embrace a seamless health IT experience where security converges with efficiency, ensuring you remain focused on what truly matters: delivering exceptional healthcare.

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