About Radiologex

The Radiologex Digital Encryption Environment (R-DEE)® is the most talked about medical blockchain network that caters to the entire $5 trillion Global Healthcare industry. Global Healthcare continues to increase dramatically, with spending expected to rise at a 3.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2024, and the technology sector specifically expected to reach $280 billion this year.

Against this backdrop, Radiologex is unveiling a one-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art HealthIT and SaaS (Baas) solution for the Global Healthcare industry. R-DEE provides an array of services to improve healthcare: secure and reliable communication channels for easy collaboration amongst healthcare professionals (R-DEE Connect); a global commercial hub (R-DEE Marketplace) for healthcare products and equipment, as well as professional services (R-DEE Expert); unlimited capacity for medical imaging file storage and sharing (R-DEE Vault & Scan); clinical information management systems (R-DEE Manage); ultra-secure and easy in-network payment settlement and accounting (R-DEE Settle); AND unlimited Content-On-Demand capabilities (R-DEE Stream). All of this, and the ability to integrate your preferred 3rd party tools and services, powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology and our dedicated GlobalHealth Network.

Radiologex is a Health/Medical IT Company based in Irvine, CA, with a diverse, global team of experts hailing from the Medical/IT/Blockchain/and Finance worlds. R-DEE is a software product available as a limited use free offering, or subscription offering to access all features of the platform. R-DEE is available for both desktop and mobile download on Apple/Google Stores, as well as direct web access worldwide.