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As healthcare goes digital, blockchain platform vows to fix industry’s flaws

Digitization in healthcare is increasing, and this blockchain-based project offers a suite of tools that tackle the widespread inefficiencies that exist in current systems.

A blockchain-powered platform is vowing to tackle some of the biggest problems facing global healthcare right now — with the long-running coronavirus pandemic exposing some of the inefficiencies and fatal flaws that exist within this system.

Radiologex says R-DEE streamlines communication, collaboration and data transmission, meaning patient files become truly interoperable and available anywhere in real time. This is a stark contrast to fax machines and couriers that hard-pressed medical facilities currently depend upon.

But beyond providing unmatched security and unrivaled speed, the project’s founders also say that they are determined to eradicate manual documentation errors that can have a drastic effect on the way patients are treated — all while delivering a reliable, transparent supply chain system with verified users and products.

R-DEE is fully developed and has been in the works for several years, undergoing an array of stress tests to ensure that its infrastructure is as robust as possible. The ecosystem has been positioned as an enterprise-focused medical blockchain project that isn’t patient facing. Whereas other blockchain initiatives have focused on telemedicine, R-DEE aims to deliver much more than this — modernizing workflows and ensuring that once disparate groups of medical professionals can work together like a well-oiled machine, giving them time to focus on what they do best.

What R-DEE does

R-DEE’s infrastructure ensures that sensitive data can be shared in real time through a military-grade, dual-end encrypted messaging platform — something the platform describes as a must have for frontline and critical response personnel. Colleagues around the world can also communicate using text, video and voice without relying on unsecured platforms such as WhatsApp and Zoom

And in a world where the older IT systems relied upon by many medical facilities are sadly being targeted in ransomware attacks, R-DEE has adopted a cutting-edge approach to authenticating and verifying users. A partnership with Trusona means each user’s identity can be confirmed on the spot via photo ID and facial biometrics, without having to rely on usernames and passwords… or unsafe methods of multiple-factor authentication.

R-DEE has also established a global marketplace for healthcare products, a payments network where transactions can be settled instantly and at low cost, and an environment where users can seek assistance from trusted independent service providers around the world at any time. Powerful tools enable medical images to be managed without limitations — with the R-DEE blockchain used to view, track and share scans securely and in a fully data-compliant way.

Given the never-ending logistics associated with running healthcare services smoothly, a clinical information management platform helps decomplicate workflows and reduce challenges for staff — delivering a slick approach to patient referrals, onboarding, discharges and invoicing. Last but by no means least, the R-DEE ecosystem aims to help foster innovation and knowledge transfer — delivering training videos, seminars and news to all.

A healthy project

According to Radiologex, a number of large healthcare systems and government entities have now been signed onto its platform — and several clinics have also participated in trials where they have put R-DEE through its paces.

A freemium version of the R-DEE app has been released on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, which offers an insight into some of the ecosystem’s basic features. More advanced modules including file sharing, patient data management, networking and procurement can be accessed by those who complete onboarding through direct channels.

Although there is hope that COVID-19 will soon be brought under control, many countries now face backlogs as they seek to help patients suffering from other medical complaints. R-DEE says its one-stop instant communications platform can help healthcare institutions maximize their resources, reduce waste, and improve outcomes.