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New security feature aims to help hospitals ward off threat of ransomware

A blockchain-based platform that’s focused on the healthcare sector is developing a brand-new feature designed to ramp up security even further.

Radiologex — which already offers built-in Know Your Customer checks and password-free biometric verification — is planning to unveil Authlogex for added blockchain security.

The startup enables patient files to become truly interoperable and available anywhere in real time. But rather than have users send documents and trust they have been received, Authlogex is designed to follow the communication trail from start to finish — ensuring that sensitive information is accessed by the right people. Permission to view documentation can also be granted and revoked whenever necessary.

Always-active tamper detection also helps to alleviate security concerns, and Radiologex’s systems are continually on the lookout for questionable activity.

Admin-level auditing for enterprise users will also ensure that comprehensive audit logs can be generated for every user in an account — with a master user given the chance to override, correct or refuse access too.

All of this helps ensure that the data trail is never tampered with, and the Radiologex platform exceeds HIPAA requirements and global privacy laws. This doesn’t just prevent misdiagnosis but can also help reduce the risks associated with ransomware and hacking — with incidents affecting healthcare organizations around the world.

A third tier

Authlogex ultimately allows healthcare executives to monitor who is logged into the Radiologex system at any given time — as well as who has been given access to information and for how long. Radiologex describes this as a third tier that adds a strong firewall for security — enabling extra node deployments for rapid strike data and login replication.

According to the startup, health IT continues to face technological hurdles that need to be addressed. Patient data is valuable among cybercriminals and bad actors — so much so that it is valued above financial information.

Cloud computing has been touted as a way of helping to modernize healthcare infrastructure, but some of these solutions can increase the likelihood of data being exposed to hackers. That’s because files are much harder to encrypt and protect in an online environment.

Radiologex cites sobering figures that suggest more than 250 million people were impacted by healthcare data breaches between 2015 and 2019. This can also bring financial consequences for businesses, with the average cost associated with such breaches increasing by 19%.

Better security, better outcomes

Overall, Radiologex’s goal is to beef up security and allow healthcare providers to focus on what really matters: Treating patients.

Thanks to the blockchain-level security and immutability provided by Authlogex, the project says that it can support time-sensitive clinical procedures in a variety of disciplines.

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, Radiologex plans to unveil a plethora of improvements to the R-DEE Suite — including a light and dark user interface. A security token offering for RDG tokens also began on July 1, making it easier than ever for people to become part of the next wave in healthcare technology.