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Peelaways Pakistan in Talks With Radiologex About Their Revolutionary HealthTech Network

R-DEE™ by Radiologex, the Global Healthcare high-speed interoperability network and secure technology platform, broke new ground today as negotiations opened with Peelaways Pakistan. Well-known in the international business market for their work in the healthtech and healthcare industries, Peelaways Pakistan is no stranger to the nuances of radiographic technology.

Having worked in all facets of global health, Peelaways Pakistan Chairman and CEO Enamullah Khan appreciates the needs of the industry and the existing challenges healthcare technologies face. Mr. Khan understands that in order for Pakistan to continue to grow and expand the quality and efficiency of patient care, the natural next step is to ensure that Pakistan remains on the cutting edge of technology.

"Peelaways Pakistan carved its path in the global market by staying ahead of the popular trends and instead following the technology of the future. It was clear to me upon my introduction to Radiologex that this is the technology of the future, and it belongs in healthtech companies and hospitals worldwide. I am proud to begin talks about bringing this blockchain-based technology to Pakistan," Mr. Khan remarked.

R-DEE provides a complete healthcare ecosystem and data management on the world's first GlobalHealth Data Network™, freeing users from the same file type, size, and secure, regulatory-compliant sharing restrictions as most storage networks. In fact, R-DEE was specifically designed with medical imaging collaboration and data storage in mind, recognizing that a solution to these limitations was needed for the Global Healthcare industry.

The Radiologex network utilizes blockchain distributed ledger technology for strict data ownership and protection. This is considered the most secure method for data management available, because each user's information is independently maintained and synced for updates, without any intermediary or centrally located server vulnerable to malware attacks.

Galvanized by a state-of-the-art user identification and real-time verification engine, the R-DEE network enables the most secure and customizable platform for all healthcare-related solutions available, with true interoperability for plug-and-play convenience. This enables users and institutions to select which features they'd like to use, integrate existing tools, connect with colleagues the world over, and streamline healthcare services. R-DEE includes eight powerful, built-in productivity modules designed to assist all points within the healthcare industry, from patients to providers, between vendors and service providers, and connecting medical supply companies the world over.

Radiologex is committed to exceeding all medical data security requirements. The platform boasts three layers of security, ensuring that every participant on the network is positively identified, and providing always-active tamper detection with admin-level auditing for precise data access management. Partnered with Trusona, R-DEE users are required to pass a KYC check, wherein each person is verified by official government identification at registration and then cross-verified with biometrics at every login. Unlike larger communication mediums being utilized by medical professionals today, participants on the Radiologex network are fully identified, traceable, and trustworthy, ensuring safety beyond HIPAA compliance.

"Radiologex provides a digital healthcare ecosystem and customizable network to satisfy and streamline all facets of the Global Healthcare industry," Radiologex issued the following statement: "One of the R-DEE modules we're excited to offer worldwide is R-DEE Connect, which delivers the most ultra-secure communication capacity yet, geared towards borderless community building and integrating our other modules to share information in real-time. Our promise is that the medical community can collaborate quickly and painlessly using R-DEE, utilizing our all-in-one essential tools from any web-enabled device, in an era that requires rapid response."

As talks between Radiologex and Peelaways Pakistan continue, one thing is clear: Radiologex is the company to watch.

About Peelaways Pakistan
Peelaways Pakistan was established in 2018 to introduce innovative products and solutions in Pakistan. Initially, they introduced the pioneering, disposable, multilayered, sanitary hospital sheets by Peelaways that were the first of their kind in the country. Simultaneously importing a range of high-quality masks.

At the advent of Covid-19, their exposure to the PPE industry positioned them to be able to source and supply Covid-19 specific solutions and products internationally. They are the official business partners of Sinopharm Cohealta as well as working closely with companies like Vaxxinity for Pakistan.

In 2020, they honed their focus towards providing innovative healthcare solutions and products geared towards pharmaceutical advancement. They introduced the first monoclonal antibody treatment, Regkirona by Celltrion, in Pakistan and are the exclusive distributors of Celltrion in Pakistan.

Peelaways Pakistan continues to source innovative products with a special focus on Covid-19 to combat the pandemic.

Website: www.peelaways.com.pk

About Radiologex

Radiologex® is the world's first Medical Interactive Network™ (MIN), an all-encompassing ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology, empowering users with the necessary tools to conduct myriad tasks and activities essential to Global Healthcare industry professionals and participants alike. R-DEE® is a revolutionary software platform on the Network built to benefit each Global Healthcare industry participant through its easy-to-use and integrate secure communication and productivity suite of eight powerful healthcare modules.

Website: www.radiologex.com

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