Last Updated 6.19.2021

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The names and logos for Radiologex Technologies and assets are all protected by various federal, state, and common law trademarks and service marks. Use the following logos, icons, and product images within our identity guidelines for any media coverage of the company or its products.

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Product Images

R-DEE Dashboard First Time Explainers
R-DEE Dashboard
R-DEE Connect Chat Window
R-DEE Connect Video Conferencing
R-DEE External Email Integration
R-DEE Expert Service Profile
R-DEE Expert Service Request
R-DEE Marketplace
R-DEE Marketplace Product Listing
R-DEE Settle Basic
R-DEE Settle Enterprise
R-DEE Scan Tools
R-DEE Vault
R-DEE Vault File Preview
R-DEE File Sharing Permissions
R-DEE Stream